Tamara Wilkerson

Executive Director

Tamara comes to AATF with a background in education, having worked in both Albemarle County and Charlottesville City Schools as a World Langauge Teacher. She is a former Fellow of the program, with a passion to serve the students in the local school systems. Tamara is excited to experience AATF in a different capacity while continuing to increase its impact in the community.

Jaime Hawkins

Director of Programs

After graduating with a Master’s of Arts in Teaching from the University of Virginia, Jaime spent ten years as a classroom teacher, teaching science and language arts at Clark Elementary and Walker Upper Elementary. When people who know her work in the classroom describe Jaime, there is one term that seems to always come up: Master Teacher. As the Director of Programs, she helps our Fellows strive for similar excellence.

Pam Coleman

Administrative Assistant

If something goes right around the office, it is thanks entirely to Pam. Pam ensures that things run smoothly and is always eager to help in an way. Her bright personality, warm smile, and fantastic organization skills have been an asset to AATF.