Support AATF

Racial disparity is a real problem in our local schools, and African American Teaching Fellows needs your help. The most important factor in determining how many Fellows we can support is the amount of money the community invests in our program.

Your donation helps us recruit, support, and, develop new teachers. Because of you, the children of Charlottesville and Albemarle County will receive diverse mentorship, experience cross-cultural collaboration, and prepare to become tomorrow’s global leaders.

For all the students in our local schools and from all of us working hard for change: thank you.

Recruitment – $928.56

During the year, we make on-campus visits to our partner colleges to introduce students to our program, host recruitment events for local teacher’s assistants, and attend various career fairs. Applicants must complete a rigorous application and screening process and develop a plan of work for obtaining a degree and a teaching license.

Support – $3,674

Our fellowship includes a forgivable loan of up to $5,000 a year for Fellows who are still in school. This funding helps to cover the cost of tuition, textbooks, and fees for licensure tests.

Professional Development – $2,227.92

In 2012, we implemented a new program: the Teacher-Leader Institute. A week-long summer program and year-round support initiative, the TLI provides for our Fellows a foundation on which they will build careers of professional excellence and community leadership. Thanks to direct workshops, support from our director of programs, a community mentor, and the Teacher-Leader Institute, the Fellows in our program are exceptional teachers when they enter the classroom.

Retention – $2,148.50

While some of our Fellows grew up here, others are moving to Charlottesville or Albemarle from other cities. This, coupled with the high turnover rate among young teachers, has heightened our focus on making sure Fellows stay in the local schools. To this end, we provide direct professional support, make classroom observations, host small group gatherings, and provide year-round opportunities for Fellows to connect with each other, our program, and the local community.

Administrative Costs – $1,020.46

Rent, insurance, personnel costs, utilities, equipment, and membership fees.